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There are many types of bread, but this is Dojo Bread

Artisan Bakery in historic Braidwood NSW, specialising in German style sourdough, stunning coffee, handmade pies and sausage rolls, and decadent cakes.

We proudly serve ONA Coffee.

Mark Barrington | Owner/Baker at Dojo Bread

After relocating from England in 2002, Mark Barrington has tried several careers, before landing on Baking. After just a few weeks of learning to bake, Mark fell in love with the craft. Mark embodies a passion for the alchemy of fermentation and the artistry of baking. His journey into the world of sourdough and artisan breads began decades ago, sparked by a fascination with the transformative power of yeast and time. As a devoted father, Mark not only nurtures his dough but also cherishes moments spent with his children and partner Linda, finding joy in their shared love for culinary adventures.

Beyond his bustling bakery, Mark finds solace in the pages of cookbooks and novels, indulging in both the science of recipes and the stories woven within them. His kitchen is a sanctuary where creativity thrives, whether experimenting with new flavors or crafting meals that bring his family together.

Mark’s life is a blend of flour-dusted mornings, the aroma of freshly baked loaves, and the warmth of family meals. Through his dedication to both his craft and his loved ones, he continues to find fulfillment in the simple pleasures of life’s daily bread.


Dojo Bread was established in 2006 on a shoestring budget in a tiny cottage, up a laneway behind Wallace Street, in Braidwood, NSW.

After years of learning the tricks of the trade, Mark Barrington bought the business in 2012 and began his life-changing journey into a world of creativity, dedication and discovery.

Discovery of passion, failure and success, determination and sacrifice.

Dojo is the dream of one, but the creation of many. Nourishing in the traditional way, without surrender to the modern cheat.

Dojo Bread in Braidwood NSW
Dojo Bread in Braidwood NSW
Dojo Bread in Braidwood NSW

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Monday – Saturday

8AM -1PM

SUNDAY and Public Holidays




0407 222 334


90 Wallace Street
Braidwood, NSW, Australia 2622